Moodle training courses for Staff

This course is designed to help you create learning support plans and learning support monitoring forms using Moodle.

For all learners at all levels, to find out more about British Values

Guidance for the learner systems in use within the Service.


  • Moodle
  • Tribal EBS Central
  • Tribal EBS Shape
  • Tribal OnTrack Hub

This training will help you to:

  • Be aware of how learning support is funded 
  • Identify learners who need support
  • Understand the purpose of learning support systems and processes and how to use them
  • Provide quality assurance for supported learners
This training should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

This training session is designed to give you the opportunity to explore the revised OTLA process and to give you guidance, hints and tips on what you should/need to consider during your teaching, learning and assessment planning, implementation and evaluation.

A course to upload coaching materials and provide an ongoing forum for participants.