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Moodle Mobile App issues

Moodle Mobile App issues

by Simon France -
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Last Friday we upgraded the security of Moodle to make it more secure and protect the data flowing between the server and the users.

Since Friday I have discovered that some learners are experiencing problems with the Moodle Mobile App.  These issues are all of a common theme - the learner can't see the most up-to-date version of the course or your tutor can't see when you make an update via the app, such as a learner diary entry.

I have been looking into it over the past couple of days and these issues are all caused by the security update.  Now that we have increased the security of the site, any learners who set their app up before Friday will be seeing a cached version of their course as it was before Friday.  

To fix the problem, you will need to remove the site from the app and then add it back again.  This will then add the more secure connection and the app will update the course details again.  The following image shows how to do this.

Changing the Moodle site on the app

In rare cases it may be necessary to completely refresh the app.  So, if the above doesn't work then clear all the data from the app as below:

Clearing app storage

These are instructions for Android devices.  There will be a similar procedure for Apple devices but I'm afraid I can't create any screenshots as I don't have an Apple device. 

Please note that both these methods will delete any update you have made to the course.  So, any unsynced Learner Diary entries or text assignments made since Friday will be lost.  I recommend you copy the text to another app such as your note-taking app before doing these steps.

I am very sorry for this inconvenience.  I'm sure you'll agree that upgrading the security of the site was of absolute importance.